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Hello Tom's Hardware community, This will be my 3rd time building a PC and I have found this website to be very useful in my decision making. As you all know buying a new system can be intimidating with the sheer volume of products on the market, so its nice to have a resource like Tom's hardware. My budget is just over 3K, and I live in Canada so prices may vary. This system is mainly going to be used for gaming, and possibly overclocking. Here's a look at the hardware in this build, everything is pretty much settled on, everything except the CPU cooler.

Case:NZXT Phantom Full Tower
CPU:Intel Core i5 3570K
Motherboard:Asus Maximus V Formula
Memory:Gskill Ripjaws 32GB PC3-12800
HD1:Seagate Barracuda 2TB
HD2:Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB
Optical:Asus DRW-24B1ST 24x DVD-RW Drive
Video Card: Dual EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked 2GB
Power Supply: OCZ ZX Series 1250Watt Modular PSU (Probably more than I need)

So I have a dilemma on choosing a cooler for my CPU. Im having a hard time deciding between closed loop water cooling and Air cooling. From what I've read a good air cooler can perform just as well as a closed loop cooling unit. The one thing that I hate about air cooling is the size of the heatsinks. I also considered a complete water cooling loop but I don't wanna be a part of the maintenance involved. Here's a list of coolers I'm having trouble deciding on:

Antec Kuhler H20 920
Corsair H100i with after market 120mm fans
Zalman LQ-320
Noctua D14
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

From this list what would you recommend using for this build? Thanks!
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  1. Haha, Yes I meant the 3570K :lol:
  2. A gaming system with 32gb ram.... really? Cut the down to 8.
  3. Its overkill huh? Yeah I figured it as much. Ram is really cheap though.
  4. 8gb is only $40. That extra money = better GPU
  5. wait, nevermind. I noticed you have the best GPU you can bad lol. You would be able to take your wife out to dinner with the savings though.
  6. Yeah true, but you're still right. 32 GB is definitely not necessary for gaming. :lol:


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