Graphics Card not displaying Signal to monitor!?!?!?!

Hey all I have just recenetly installed a new psu after the old 1 had broken :( Anyway, I went to plug in the cables etc.... I then finished and turned my system on, it came up with "No signal" I am quite shocked by this since my old psu worked fine with it?
The fan on the graphics card is on, and the am using intergrated graphics so I can still get signal and still use the system.

i5 3570k (no overclock)
EVGA GTX 550 ti 2gb
Asus P8Z77-V LX
8GB Corsair Vengence Ram
Corsair 600w Builder Psu
Coolermaster HAF 922 Case

Any suggestions need them ASAP, the card is only 4 weeks old and the old psu broke when it was 2 weeks old...

//EDIT: The fan is being extremely loud now.
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  1. Forgot to plug the power cable to the graphics card?
  2. OK when you replaced the PSU did you plug the PCI-E power cables back into your GPU? It can be easy to over looks sometimes. Other than that try to re seat the graphics card. Depending what you had to remove to get the old PSU out double check all your cables and components to make sure you did not knock anything loose when you replaced the PSU.

    Do you have access to another PC to check your GPU on. Depending on how your old PSU died it is possible that it took the GPU with it sorry to say but it can happen. I have seen PSU's go bad and kill a few components with it.
  3. Also make sure that you have disabled the integrated graphics and enabled the dedicated 550ti. That could be one of the problems too.
  4. Yes, okay thanks for the help bryon and I have checked and double checked with the psu cables so I think the psu was about a week old so it probably took the gpu with it; unfortunately I don't have another pc to test the gpu in :/ , and jaideep1337 the 550 isn't even recognized? So why would I disable integrated I want to be able to still use the system..... -_-
  5. I have removed the 550ti and I am getting a radeon 7850
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