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I read the faq and from what I read there are some cards that can sli or crossfire with each other even if they are not in the same series. I bought a GTX 660TI 2GB OC, am I able to sli with another card or do I have to use the exact same one again. And lastly it says triple sli ready, does that mean I can use 3 cards in sli?
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  1. You're going to need another 660Ti and yes you can run three of them SLi'd together.
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    You can crossfire two radeon card from same series ie 7970+7950 is possible but not 7970+7870.
    For nvidia it is not possible to sli two different cards. Although same card from two different vendor should be OK.
    Yes you can sli three of them.
  3. Alright thanks, now I know I need to put another arm on the black market.
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