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I have a 7970 vtx3d clocked too 1125/1600mhz. I've seen that temps for this card are meant to be quite cool even when overclocked. On witcher 2 i can get temps max to 78C on 60% but with other games i only get barely 60C. Is this normal temps for this card or for a 7970 in general?.
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  1. yeah my 7970 idles at 35-40c, it will go up to 80c on same oc settings with automatic fan setting (48%) at far cry 3..if i put the fan on 60% my temps will go down to 72-75
  2. aha, ill be getting that game soon dunno what temps ill get with that yet but guess ill soon find out ^^.
  3. How do you set fan settings?
    Farcry 3 -- what a fun game. I've been playing that for a few days now.
  4. after burner, before i get into a game i set my fan speed to what i want well only with witcher that is cos the other games dont need it. And with far cry 3 ill be playing that soon just waiting for it to download :D
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