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Hey gang,

Just a quick question for you. Today I plan to order this card and I was wondering.

A: Does it only have one 6pin power connecter? Their site doesn't say.

B: Will it run/be safe to run in this system:

MOBO: Biostar GF8100M2+ SE
CPU: AMD 630 x4 @2.8GHz
GPU: MSI 7850 2GB
HDD 1: 1TB 7200RPM
HDD 2: 500GB 7200RPM
DvD Drive
PSU:Corsair VX550
Monitor 1: 22" 1680x1050
Monitor 2: 24" 1920x1080
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  1. Yes that 7850 has 1 6pin and your system should be find. It looks like a decent little setup but is the two monitors and two hardrives neccessary? If they arent i would defenitly pick up only the 24" and the 1TB HD and put the rest into a better gpu/mobo/cpu, if this is for gaming anyway.
  2. The system I posted is what I currently have, I added in the card to that list to make sure the power supply could cope with it. One last thing, I had a look around and came across this. I am leaning towards the MSI version I would just like to know your opinion out of these two.
  3. A factory overclocked 7850 would obviously be better than a stock 7850 however personally i dont like gigabyte cards. Not saying they are bad but i have never had luck with them. If i were you i would just stick with the stock MSI 7850 and OC it from there if you desired.

    That said your system looks like its probably due for an entire upgrade soon, if you had the money that is.
  4. I'll stick with the MSI, thanks you've been very helpful.
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