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How to switch laptop display to native resolution in Ubuntu?

I have Ubuntu 10.04 loaded onto my older laptop HP Compaq nx6125 which has a native resolution of 1400x1050, but my monitor control panel doesnt let me switch to a resolution higher than 1024x768.

My laptop spec sheet says the graphics processor is ATI Mobility Radeon X300 and lspci says:
VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon XPRESS 200M 5955 (PCIE)

I've tried manually adding the higher resolution using xrandr but switching to it locks up the computer. So I apparently need to seek an alternative video driver.

I have read that my graphics driver choices are the generic VESA driver, open source Radeon driver, Catalyst bbinary driver, or proprietary fglrx driver from AMD/ATI. I've been unable to locate the proprietary driver which seems to be the ideal option, and I dont know which of the other drivers is in use.

How do I tell which video driver is in use, and any tips on how to get working in that native resolution or find a graphics driver that will work in ubuntu 10.04?
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    Tom's hardware is not really the right place to ask such questions as windows users are vast majority here and have no clue what you are talking about. You have much better linux and specifically, Ubuntu forums on the Net.

    Anyway, to see which driver you have, open the terminal and type lsmod.
    You can easily install proprietary driver: Start menu->System->Administration->Hardware Drivers (or just run jockey-gtk from terminal - which is the same thing).
    Or you can do it from Synaptic package manager. Just type fglrx in the search box, select fglrx for installation and press "apply".
  2. I know what you mean about more linux-oriented forums but so far havent had much luck there and for some reason I find the most helpful people on this forum, like you. I was able to install the fglrx package, but unable to switch to that driver. System>Preferences>Monitors only shows the Monitor as "laptop", and the "detect monitors" button does nothing. The installation adds an ATI control panel menu item which doesnt do anything, but tells me to run aticonfig which tells me no ATI cards recognized.

    Seems like I am using the radeon driver since lsmod shows radeon loaded and /var/log/Xorg.0.log has many references to RADEON(0)

    Might there be a different driver or technique that will enable me to gain higher than 1024x768 resolution under 10.04?
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