PC Crashing in Games

Hey Guys hope someone can help me out with this

Ive got a new PC that keeps on crashing in all games after around 5 - 20 mins
got the latest drivers, Temps are good but without fail crashes every time

Specs are -
i7 3770k
Asrock extreme 9 mobo
Gainward gtx 670 phantom
intel 520 series 120gb ssd
silverstone 850w gold psu

hope someone can help

Thanks, Tyson
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  1. Try plugging the GPU into the other power rail. I don't know the specifics of the PSU, but I know it is multi-railed and if you have everything on one rail that could cause a problem. Good luck.
  2. make sure your running the new 1.8 bios on the mb. make sure you download the newest intel chipset drivers and newest directx drivers. try cpu-z make sure the ram running at the right speed. (check with ram spd tab). then try gpu-z and make sure the pci bus and video card seen and running at the right speed.
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