Problem with ATI HD4870 drivers

I am experiencing a weird problem with my ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB card. I had the original drivers in place (vers 8.12) since I bought my PC, an i7 940 with an Asus motherboard, 4GB RAM, Windows XP SP3 Home 32bits).

I downloaded and installed the latest CCC and drivers (vers. 12.6) after uninstalling the old ones. Everything worked fine except that I lost the 3D acceleration and in DXDiag, it could not be reactivated.

I uninstalled the new drivers and CCC, cleaned up any remaining files in safe mode, rebooted and installed the original drivers from the CD, then CCC would not open, whatever I tried, searching days on Internet, everything failed, but according to DXDiag... my 3D acceleration was back!!!

I uninstalled the original drivers and CCC, cleaned up again in Safe mode, restarted and installed the 12-6 back, no 3D acceleration available in DXDiag again.

Among many other things I followed the recommendations available on one of your thread to no avail. So I now find myself with a no win situation, either CCC does not start and can't be used or I have no 3D acceleration.

Would anyone please share any advice to unlock this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. hi
    what is your operation system an its bit
  2. As indicated above Windows XP Home 32 Bits.
  3. Why such an old version of the ATI multimedia center software?
  4. Thanks for the feedback.
    I could finally reinstall my old ATI driver and CCC included on the original CD, after cleaning thoroughly any trace of ATI files including in the Windows System 32 where so far I did not dare going.

    Everything now works fine including the 3D acceleration which had disappeared. That certainly taught me a lesson for the future as far as ATI is concerned!
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