Green LED shows up, but computer not turning on


Two weeks ago my hard drive wasnt working, so I replaced it and didnt have time to turn it on to test, as I went on vacation. Two weeks later I bought a new case, and transferred all the components to the new case.

Now, the machine wont turn on, but the green LED light does turn on the motherboard but no fans turn on (not even for a second).

I tried a BRAND new motherboard, same issue.

I tried moving the ram in different slots. I did not (yet) try a NEW stick of ram.

While transfering the CPU into the new motherboard I kind of broke the little plastic connectors on the fan that go inside the actual motherboard to remain in place. They still snap into place fairly tight however. I'm wondering if its a CPU or CPU fan issue.

I currently use a p8p67 LE made by asus. I attached a picture, with the new motherboard im borrowing from a friend. the one im borrowing for testing purposes is a p8z77-v lx.

CPU is an i5

Ram is 2 x 4gb sticks

PSU is a 500 watt antec

I left the video card out on this motherboard to see if it would turn on without it, which it didn't obviously.

Hard drives are unplugged (tried them plugged in on my original motherboard which made no difference)

Like I said the machine worked fine before, so something obviously isnt plugged in right, or is dead.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. that power cable you plug in the eatx seams to me it is the pci-e cable check that ,also this board need a 8 pins eatx and the memory slot are not lock on the memory stick and the cpu fan connect on top of the cpu,your fan is plug in the chassis fan use your motherboard user manual to connect tha cable at the right place if you want it to boot
  2. I'm not too good with computers but I tried it this way and it still wont turn on.

    Uploaded with
  3. this plug go there with the 20 pins one
  4. I'm not understanding your post.

    I tried with that 4 pin plug IN and also with it OUT (as photographed in my latest post)
  5. remove the 20 pins from socket and insert the 4 pins on the side of it,the 2 pins on the plastic support clip to the 20 pins one and insert all to the 24 pins plug .
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