(Solved) Random Freezes and reboot required?

Hey guys I just recently built my pc and just earlier this morning my pc just kept freezing and I had to reboot everytime until I didn't even get to my desktop it froze at startup. So when I came back to from work it was working fine for like 10 minutes then it froze again. I have no idea what's causing this, I have up to date drivers, an anti-virus and all that. I would appreciate any advice or solutions for this.

This is my first build by the way so here are my specs:

AMD FX4100

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 AM3+ ATX

Thermaltake V3 Black edition case

Inland PRo Gold 500W PSU


Crucial 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 1600

Everything was working fine for the past few days until now :(
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  1. Also on a side note, when I rebooted my pc and it just shut down after the asus splash screen and my cpu fan was on but everything else was off even the fan LED's

    and I have a

    Toshiba 1TB HDD

    Intel 120GB SSD 330 series
  2. To me it's acting like when the processor overheats or they have a bad connection.. If the processor heatsink is not to hot to touch right when it shutsdown, you can discard overheating.

    To rule out a bad connection, I'd suggest you disconnect the speakers, optical drive, mouse and keyboard leaving only the bare minimums (Moherboard, Processor, RAM, GPU and Hard Drive, and see if there's any difference... check all connections before pressing the Power Button. If still nothing, on to the next diagnose.

    This works most of the times with laptops when nothing seems to be wrong with them but they still don't turn on... and should work the same with PCs:
    Shut the computer down, shut the PSU down (I/O switch off), unplug the electric cord, remove the BIOS battery, and press the Power button and hold it down for 30 seconds... wait 10 minutes for the BIOS to reset, reinstall the battery, plug again the electric cord, turn the PSU on, and hit the Power button.

    If still nothing, I'd suggest you breadboard the system and check that all the motherboard standoffs are of the same size* and they are snugh tight on the case before reinstalling the motherboard.

    *There are at least half a dozen different sizes of motherboard standoffs and they can be mixed, so check they are all the same.

    Everything about Breadboarding a Computer
  3. Thanks for the reply. I ruled out overheating because my CPU temps never got above 40c and the heat sink wasn't hot. Also I got it to turn back on last night by removing then re attaching the cables from the psu.

    I did a mem test and both ram sticks are fine.

    Now I'm thinking it might be my PSU? I'm going to microcenter later to get it replaced.
  4. Forgot about this, turns out it was a bad PSU all along. It was a cheaper thermaltake 500W
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