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I am trying to repair a Gateway sx2370-ur30p computer. It was working fine and the the video signal out quit working. I tried the monitor and the cable with my laptop and they work fine. I ordered a evga geforce 210 graphics card and installed it into the pci-e slot and started the computer as per the instructions on evga's website and I still have no video out. I cant install the drivers without being able to see the screen. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  1. Do you ever see anything on the display (like the BIOS screen)?
  2. no there is no signal to the monitor
  3. so you've swapped out the GPU already and no change. have you tried connecting the system to a different monitor?
  4. yes I have to the same result no video out
  5. does it beep at all? or just sit there with fans spinning?

    try another psu if u have one lying around.

    if not, try booting with only one ram chip in, or a different chip if u have one around.
  6. Likely a power supply issue. Could also be a defective motherboard.
  7. I took out one ram chip and the video out came back, must have been a bad ram chip.
  8. yep, that sounds about right.
  9. you could always try and dust off the slot and the chip, and try to reseat the chip, you never know it might come back to life. if not just replace it.
  10. Hey I really appreciate your help. Hope you have a great holiday season.
  11. no problem, enjoy the holidays as well, and choose a best answer!
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