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As title says. Budget allows for these two builds. I kind of want to do some gaming as well but video editing is more important given school work.
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  1. fx 8350
  2. The obvious choice is the FX-6300+650 ti.
    For gaming or editing, the i5-3570k is a more powerful cpu, but without card for gaming it's not good.
    If you can get a i5-3470+650 ti, it will better.
  3. The 8 cores of fx-8350 will be great for video editing, and maybe use a 650 later on
  4. Yea, get an FX-8350 and throw on some weak-as graphics card like a GT210 for a display output.
    Its easier to give an editing rig gaming capabilities than it is a gaming rig good editing. So make an editing rig now, then throw on a decent card later when you can afford it.
  5. The 6300 is actually slower in multi-threaded applications (Like video editing):

    The 8350 that many are suggesting is considerably stronger with multi-threaded stuff:

    The 6300 will probably do worse than an i5 and forever trail it in gaming. The i5 will do better at video editing than the 6300, and a gaming beast down the road if you ever add a high-end graphics card to the mix.

    If you can get an 8350, it will be a stronger video editing rig than either the 6300 or the i5. (And it's not bad at gaming when you add a good GPU)
  6. I chose these two builds due to price and Microcenter $40 bucks off mobo deals which I will drive down to this weekend. 8350 would've been an option but given the fact that it requires a GPU which ups the cost over the 3570k, I've eliminated it out of the running. Thanks. My budget is definitely under 750 with all pieces.
  7. A GT210 can be had for $28 including shipping, hardly a deal-breaker IMO.
  8. If he's into gaming then the FX-6300+650 ti is the best option, no way you're going to play games with a 210 GT or intel hd 4000, and for video editing a nvidia card with a good quantity of cuda cores is important.
    You can pick a i5-3470 in microcenter for 150$, if you could pay the same for the 650 ti, you have the two things.
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