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Wattage of graphic card and psu

I know that you guys are probably mad at me, because this question appears everywhere on internet! But yust to be sure! I have max 300W psu and I have to buy a new graphic card. I have this in my mind:
ATI radeon 5450 1GB, but recomendations says taht I need at least 400W psu! I've heard alot about AMD overstating the power requirements of their lower-end cards. My old graphic card:

ATI radeon HD 2350:

ATI radeon HD 5450:

5450 uses yust 1 wat less than 2350!!!! :O WTF Where's point?
I have intel core due 2.4Ghz, 2 sticks of 1GB DDR2 ram.
I would like to finish this topic once and for all... TNX
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  1. I would be safe and run with 500watts of power, you cant go wrong with that, whats your budget for a PSU I bet we can find you some nice ones to fit your budget.
    (Radeons have tendenct to suckup more power than NVIDIA so a 500W should be fine) only 20$ -24$ 38$

    Good Luck!
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    The 5450 only draws like 20 watts max. I dont know what you have for a CPU but the most it could possibly draw is like 125 watts, throw in the board, drives and fans and stuff, and your at 150-175 max draw. Now add in the 5450 and your still below 200 watts.

    I would not waist time on the PSU upgrade.

    On a side note the 6450 only costs about $10 more uses only about 18 watts of power and is a good bit faster. I would grab one of those if you can.
  3. hmm.. I'll probably go for better psu and better 6450. tnx
  4. You have no reason to upgrade your power supply for that card. It has no PCIe 6- or 8-pin connectors, thus it will be powered through the connector on your motherboard. 300 watts is more than enough to run the card with that system.
  5. Just looked for a core 2 2.4 there is
    the e6600 is a 65 watt part
    the e4600 is a 65 watt

    Your system with new video card will never draw more than 175-200.
  6. Hmm maybe ur right! But still i checked and o got only 19Amps on 12V rail! 5450 needs 22 amps and 6450 needs 25 amps... so :S
  7. Look at the card to see how many 6 or 8 pin pci-e power connectors it requires.
    If your psu has the requisite number, you are OK unless the psu is of very poor quality.
    Here is a handy psu power requirement chart:
    And here is one estimate of psu quality:
  8. And i'm still confused! wats = voltage * amps
    How do you do that? 12V * (let's say) 20A = 240W?
  9. Dude i dont know where you got those numbers???
    5450 draws 20 watts at 12 volts.
    20watt / 12volts X 1.66amps.

    Its your money, new stuff is always fun to install, and hey fun is what its all about!
  10. yeah :D Ill buy new psu yust to be sure nothing goes wrong!
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