Gameing pc upgrade

hello, this is my first post

was wondering if there would be a logical upgrade for my system or if its just time to built a new one

specs are DELL inspiron 519 modified
stock everything except video card and powersupply and hdd
specs are amd 5200+ athelon duel core 2.7ghz
4gb ddr2 ram 2 stock pc 5300 sticks and 2 coursair pc 6400 sticks
cooler master 460 watt power supply
westurn digital black 1tb
gigabyte hd 6850 1gb oc edition
windows vista 64bit

im putting off a new build since i really enjoy windows vista and this computer has all my stuff on it games, music, progams, ect

is there any logical upgrade option useing this dell or am i needing to ook at a new pc?

goal is to play boarderlands 2 and sims 3 on high settings 1360x768 and maybe watch bluerays but not as important
i currently can play boarderlands 1 on high getting around 25 FPS maybe 30-40 in a small room with less action
dont own boarderlands 2 yet but the website said my pc was not ready

thanks for any advice
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  1. Hi. I think your graphics card is being held back by the processor. There's no logical upgrade using that Dell. You'll have to replace everything except the hard drive, graphics card and maybe DVD drive if it's SATA. I would upgrade the PSU too.
  2. thanks for the quick answer, i had a feeling this would be the case i just really like this computer, the dvd drive is sata yes
  3. Second Johns answer, to get any worthwhile upgrade you will essentially have to upgrade the whole machine.
  4. I come from an Athlon X2 4000+ and I didn't have a SATA optical drive. :( You're welcome.
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