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I am planning to upgrade my current rig with hopefully only a new gpu and an additional hardrive. Currently run MSI P55-GD65 with a core i7 870 and a 5870. What would you recommend for a gpu? Gtx 670? Will the cpu serve as a bottleneck or will it be okay?
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  1. PCIe 3.0 cards will work on PCIe 2.0 boards. Your i7 should not bottleneck. As long as you have enough headroom on your PS you should be fine.
  2. As long as your PSU is sufficient, you can throw any card you like on that rig.
    Get the best card you can afford.
  3. Power supply is 750w. What would you guys recommend personally?
  4. If its a good quality supply, thats more than enough for what your after.
  5. since the difference between a 670 and a 680 is small, would you reccomend it or would the 7970 be the card of choice?
  6. Would go with the 7970, it offers better performance provided you playing at 1080p or better (and performs a lot better the higher resolution you go compared to 670/680)
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