Is Migrating to Windows 7 Really That Hard?

Here's an article that lists twenty items to keep in mind when migrating to Windows 7.

Does it really have to be that complicated? I mean, all I did was:
Back up my documents
Export my Firefox passwords
Back up game states
Make a list of what I've installed
Download all Windows 7 drivers for my hardware
Start Windows 7 setup, reformat hard drive, install everything back

Voila! Yes, time-consuming, but definitely a lot more simple, no?
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  1. I only saw seven points in the article.

    The article was geared towards a business where uptime and data integrity is critical. Upgrading a corporate fleet of PCs is a much more complex task than just figuring out how to do it for 1 PC and then "repeat as needed".
  2. it really is not that hard, in fact, it was so easy, that all i did was save all the programs/settings/etc to my 16-gig thumb drive and then formatted/installed, moved the files to the new OS and done, everything works great.
  3. maniac, when you say you backed up your game states, are you talking about like games you have installed on your computer? cause im thinking about gettin windows 7 but im not sure if u want to go through the hastle of reinstalling my games and everything.

    and to jonpaul, your way seems like you didnt need to back up any of your documents or anything.

    its been a few years since ive reformatted a computer so i pretty much forget what has to be done and im not up on any easy ways of doing things
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