Ways to boot up even faster??[no ssd]

Hi guys I'm just wondering is there anyway to boot up even faster for my windows 8,just wanna make it as fast as possible, wanna experience how fast a HDD can achieve before i change to ssd in future :sol:

this is my current boot up speed for Windows 8 Pro, I formatted my HDD which contains Win 7 ultimate previously and now it is totally new, with win 8 installed an all needed drivers and my microsoft office package inside


-I've enabled No GUI boot on msconfig but still idk why is the loading screen there, in windows 7 there will be no loading screen at all
-Quick booting is enabled by default in BIOS
-Disabled all useless startup programs/services
-Also this windows is installed on only one disk,i've unplugged my other drive when installing so it should be super clean :D

PS: why does it stay so long on the mobo manufacturer screen?? in Win 7 it stays there oni less than 1 sec ,Btw there's a circle rotating like usual when in loading screen ,it spins too fast,not even 50% and it has entered to logon screen + my camera is too blur to see


In case you wanna know the specs
-i3 540 stock clock
-h55m-p33 mobo
-16gb 1333mhz ram
-gigabyte hd 7750 f.oc 880mhz
-500gb HDD.forgot 5400 or 7200
-500 W hunter key psu
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  1. There really isn't much point. Fiddling with this hard drive trying to make it as fast as possible is a waste of time if you're going to get the SSD anyway. When were you planning to make the switch?
  2. ^+1 additionally things like raid 0'ing HDDs and or short stroking will only give minor incremental improvements c 5%, (so good enough for benchmarkers to be interested in) in terms of time perhaps 1s (if that) as windows loading is lots of small reads and not large sequential reads.

    the way to make mechanical hdd's faster is to get a faster mechanical hdd (think raptor) but SSD are cheaper for sufficient capacity and much faster.

    if you are using win 8 most of the boot time is taken up with posting which is mobo constrained and not disk constrained.
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