GT 650m not using all memory

I have a laptop with a Nvidia GT 650m, with 2gb of memory.
I noticed that I got lower FPS than I should in some games, so I started investigating, and found out that my video card is using only abou 800mb of its memory. Is there any way I can fix this?
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  1. the problem is likely not about VRAM being under utilized it is more about your gpu core itself is weak. also more VRAM are not equal to more FPS. with more VRAM you can increase the setting that eat a lot of VRAM such as AA but for GT650m that 2GB of VRAM is excessive. in most cases the gpu core will run out of its grunt before you don't enough VRAM in games
  2. thanks for the answer, but... if I go to, and se any game... for exemple, assassin's creed revelations. it says I should have from 27 to 30 FPS, but if I run the game, I get from 20 to 30 fps, and sometimes even 15
    the low of gpu memory usage was the only thing I could find that was weird about my computer, so I have no idea what it is. could it be that i'm using windows 8? or could my cpu or gpu be underclocked?
  3. What settings are you trying to run it on? My GTX 560 Ti occasionally drops to 50 fps on some scenes at that game on maximum settings, and it's easily three times more powerful than your laptop card.
  4. i'm on the maximum settings
    but according to canyourunit, as I said, I should have no problem :(
  5. Well did it say you could run it on maximum settings? Last time I was there, it wasn't specifying settings or frames per second.
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