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Assassins Creed 3 / Chivalry GPU

I want to get a graphics card for my Z77 saber tooth, i7 3770k, 16 GB ram, build.

I want to be able to play at maximum settings and without my fps ever dropping below 60 fps.
This rule is mostly for AC III but I didn't know which one is more intensive so i decided to ask for both.

Thanks for the help and my budget is probably around $300 but if I don't need to send that much then I'd rather not and get a better one next GPU season. Also 650ti + get a free copy of AC III so i'd prefer an Nvidia card, also the CUDA helps a lot in adobe. Thanks again :)
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    I'd say get the GTX 660 if you really want Nvidia right now with your budget. The 660Ti is only about 10% faster than the 660 but costs about $60 to $70 more. The 660Ti is supposedly going to see a price drop soon, which might make it a more attractive option if you are willing to wait a couple of weeks.
  2. ya right now the cheapest 660 ti I've found is near $260 so if that would drop over the next month then I'd swing for that if it still was bundled with ACIII because if not then I'd probably get a 7870 and ACIII, Farcry 3 and 20% off MOH Warfighter. Also this card will most likely be used in my main rig for a year or so until it gets swapped out for a Radeon 8000 or a GTX 700 and this goes in my bro's rig :D
  3. Big +1 to the GTX660 there. It's a really excellent card and a smart use of money. The GTX660 Ti is great too, but probably not worth the extra cost.
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