Need a graphics card that fits with the DH61CR...

Recently bought an EVGA GeForce GTX 570 (PCI Express 2.0x16) to go in a workstation with a Intel DH61CR mobo. Unfortunately the SATA cables got in the way of installing the graphics card, and there's no way we can only use the two bottom ports (we have two HDDs and a SATA connected DVD drive) and what I need is a much thinner graphics card with two DVI ports. Is there a simpler solution that I'm missing? If necessary I have pictures of the mobo. It is this board:

In addition, I HAVE looked for another card (and will continue to do so) but the measurements all seem to be either estimates or entirely too wide. The ones I've found that look like they would fit are all brands I've never heard of.
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  1. Apologies - the workstation will be used primarily for CAD, and needs to quickly load extremely large rasters. The dual monitors are much more important than any "gaming" stats.
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