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So a friend of mine had a bad video card and then I replaced it with the Gtx650 .
I had the computer running for a week straight waiting on him to get his funds up since I used my funds to front him. I also did a reformat. I returned his computer in perfect working condition. He said he was on it all night and how nice it was running. but now today I get a phone call about blue flashy lines. I've had no problems with the computer. any idea's what this could be..
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  1. Blue flashy lines, Like a problem with his monitor, make sure its all plunged in and screwed down (if its DVI)

    I could be a problem with OS, or GPU you are going to have to be more specific
  2. I am leaning towards the monitor or a bad cable, so I am bringing a dvi/mini hdmi tomorrow. He is using a vga cable with dvi adapter. I installed Windows 7 64bit. ultimate a fresh clean install. All up to date, Bios, drivers and windows updates.

    Like I stated... It ran like a champ at my house
  3. Let me restate this.. Blue horizontal flickering lines. he just sent me a video.
  4. Yea thats probably a monitor, or cable problem good luc
  5. tried a different monitor and cable. still the lines persist
  6. Think it could be the vga-dvi adapter which is brand new from the manufacturer?
  7. put a new vga/dvi adapter on and so far it fixed the problem. waiting for any new, news about this problem.
  8. Could you show us the video?
  9. I meant the video that he showed you, not the card.
  10. ohh no I can't, sorry. He was logging into a game when he took the video. and that wouldn't be cool to post his stuff. but this is what it looked like.
  11. From what you tried, I can conclude that the card slot is probably faulty (you said you tried another cable and monitor). Your friend should send the card to warranty service.
  12. As of right now, It was the vga-dvi adapter he was using. I recommended him to buy a dvi or hdmi cable. He did not use the new one that came with the card. He used the old one. So His wife plugged the new one in this morning and said the blue flickery lines were gone. We just got out of work and I am waiting for him to get on it and let me know what he thinks.
  13. Oh ok. I'm going to sleep now, report the results and I'll reply in the morning.
  14. Oh I will, thank you. sleep tight..
  15. It was the adapter. everything is good now.
  16. Glad you were able to solve it :).
  17. yes me too.. One more question how do I delete this thread?
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    You don't. You select the best answer, then the moderators will close the thread, but it will remain in the forum so others can find solution to similar problems.
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