Question to anyone with XFX 7950

Hows the noise? Is it loud?

I'm talking on stock speeds. I've got a 4890 now and it's fairly quiet but you can hear it for sure. I hope it matches that.

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  1. I just installed one of those in a Custom gaming PC I built last week, it is very quiet unless under 100% load, then you can hear it, but it is by no means loud, only audible over the case fans.Also tested OC on it, got 980 Mhz on stock and 1120Mhz with voltage tweak using MSI Afterburner, highly recommended card. (Ps scores P7560 in 3dMark 11 with a i5 3470)
  2. Thanks mate. I'll settle with this card in that case. You wouldn't happen to know if liquid cooling would allow my case fans to be switched off, or at least less than full throttle would you?
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