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H8-1214 graphic card upgrade please help!

I have a h8-1214 HP desktop computer and im wanting to upgrade it. Im looking to put a geforce gtx 660 in it, along with a corsair cs600 power supply. Just wanting to make sure it will work before I buy everthing.
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    your psu its standar atx size so yeah you can install the corsair, your motherboard has a pci-e x16 slot so yeah you can install the card, only thing to check its the size inside your case since that card its like 9.5" long.
  2. Looks like I should have enough room in there. And thank you for helping me!
  3. Maybe give him a select as best answer? :P
  4. Thabks, will do.
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  6. darkgears said:
    Thabks, will do.

    BTW, if for any reason you might think that the card wont fit, totac offers a gtx 660 model with only 7.5", heres the link to it:

    hope it helps n.n
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