Is this PSU good enough for crossfire?

Is my 500w PSU strong enough for this corssfire set up?

Crossfire Radeon HD 7750's

Also, i only have one Radeon 7750, since i already have the driver for the 1st card, will i need to update the driver for the 2nd one as well?

Or is it as simple as plug and play and AMD Catalyst will identify the Crossfire?
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  1. Possibly. It's kind of right on the line for recommended specs, but you might be ok.

    No you will not need a second driver for the card. You will need the crossfire drivers and profiles in order to be able to use it correctly though.
  2. Your card might not be Cross Fire ready the one you linked to is not. However if you do have a crossfire ready HD 7750 yes the will crossfire with absolutely no problems on that good quality PSU you linked.
  3. Just as a note, you'll be a lot better off selling your 7750 and getting a single, more powerful card. Crossfiring low-end cards is a LOT more trouble than it's worth, when you can get a more powerful card that'll work on more than just the games that support crossfire, AND won't have microstuttering and other such issues associated with xfire and sli.
  4. I would have to agree with DarkSable's assessment. The 7750 you linked is a 128 bit card and you will get much better results from a better single card than trying to crossfire two of those. It'll end up costing you a little more, but the return on investment will be much greater.

    Also... after checking on Tom's reply, I'm going to take a stab at it and say the card you have is not crossfire ready either, so either way you're better off going with a 7850 or similar card.
  5. every 7000 series graphics card is crossfire capable as far as i know
  6. Oh. 7750 is crossfired without a bridge. Be that as it may, still better off with a stronger single card imo.
  7. That PSU would easily power a Radeon HD 7870 or a Radeon HD 7850. I would suggest you get one of those instead. Crossfiring two 7750's would give similar performance but it might be a bit iffy because you would be pushing the limits of your PSU.
  8. Thanks for all the replays, i currently have one 7750, got it from Newegg. I'd rather not go through the RMA Process for the card. I feel it would be a lot smarter to get a single 560 ti or something, but i'm not if i really should go through the RMA Process with Newegg.

    If i did crossfire, is this card basically the same as the one i have now, (Just looks like a different fan?)

    The Card i have now:
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