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Battlefield 3 looks blocky when moving on 7850 2gb.

December 10, 2012 11:24:02 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm having a weired graphics issue on my new gaming pc. Whenever I play bf3 the screen gets very blocky during movement. I tried recording this in fraps but whenever I recorded and viewed the playback it wouldn't show the issue and the gameplay footage looked fine. I took a video with my cell phone which actually shows the issue that I am having:

Its kinda hard to tell from my cell phones bad quality but when I move the textures get all blocky.

Things I've done in attempt to fix the issueI tried putting on vsync, lowering graphics, turned up anti aliasing all the way and still no luck. I also uninstalled my drivers (even though this is a fresh build only like a week old) and reinstalling more recent ones, nothing. Also tested it on an old ctr monitor I had lying around to see if my monitor is the isue. I'm to the point where I might actually return my gpu if I can't get this working because the gpu is still in warranty.