Swapped to new parts, not i cant install OS

Okay so I just switched some pieces on my computer the old speccs where:

Gigabyte P55-usb3
Intel i7-860
8gigs Kingston ddr3 (2*4gig) (kvr1333d3n9/2g if needed)
Nvidia gtx 470
Energon eps 750w supply
Seagate barracuda 1tb
running windows 7 ultimate

This was running perfectly fine, I just wanted some more juice from my computer though :ange:

So i got a new started to switch parts, switching the motherboard, processor, got a SSD and water cooling for the processor, got the following items:

MSI z77ma-g45
Intel i5-3570k
OCZ agility4 256gb
Corsair H80i

So now the new parts are installed, and I cant boot, if I try to boot from the Seagate (which was my main hdd before and had windows on it) it says that windows failed to start, then wants to repair which doesnt work
If I try to to install Windows 7 to the SSD im able to go to the bios, but just after the bios logo it gives me a black screen and says "Error to load OS"

I have tried switching Sata ports, switcing ram sticks, installing from CD and USB nothing works, I did try to take my seagate and put it into another computer and it started without a problem.

I've started to come to the conclusion that the MOBO might be malfunctioning? :(
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  1. Oh yeah, when I use the Seagate i see the windows logo for about 2seconds, or parts of the logo, as the icon starts to appear it freezes - might be something i needed to add :)

    And sorry about the typo in the thread, it looks horrible :D
  2. Succes! switching to IDE mode made me able to boot on my seagate hdd!
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