Connect AVR to in home wirless: Wireless bridge to ethernet?

Hi everyone. I have a question, and seek some advice. I recently purchased an Onkyo HT-RC360 reciever (home theater), and it has an ethernet port for internet connectivity. Onkyo sells a USB dongle for wireless connection, but I'd prefer to purchase a bridge (or something else) to use to connect it wirelessly to my in home internet. I would like whatever it is I end up using to be able to connect items to the net. i.e. the Onyko reciever, and a bluray player both via ethernet. Any recommendations?

I've seen people mention the use of a second router reconfigured to act as a "bridge". Is that simple to do? If so, which relatively inexpensive router would work? This looked appealing because people mentioned being able to use each ethernet port on the router for difference pieces of electronics. They mentioned using tomato or DD-WRT firmwares. Would this be difficult? One router mentioned was this ASUS.

Another option was this trendnet, but it only has a single port.

Or this Netgear.
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  1. I used a d-link 1522 ap/bridge and after some configuring I was pretty satisfied. But with the customization of DD-WRT I would choose that route if you can find a decent router to flash it with.

    The WRT54GL still seems pretty popular.
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