OverKilling Like A Boss

i've decided on my main system. however im going to have 1 more.

and the other heavy workload machine, however im not sure if its powerful enough for everything i need.

Processor: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 2000MHz LGA2011-0
GPU: SLI PNY GTX 680 GeForce Nvidia Graphics Card (2GB, PCI-E)
Cooler: Corsair CWCH60 Hydro Series H60 Liquid Cooler.
Mobo:Asus Z9PE-D8 WS Workstation Board
HDD:WD Caviar Green 2TB SATA 6Gbps
SSD:SanDisk 128GB 2.5 inch Solid State Drive
RAM: 1600mhz corsair vengeance 64gb ram.
PSU:Corsair HX1050 Professional Series HX 1050W
Case:NZXT Phantom USB 3.0 Big Tower Chassis - Black

P.S: its not a gamng machine. have a seperate pc for that
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  1. Could you please describe your heavy workload, so we can tell you whether you have enough power/ the right choices.
  2. Overkill rig, tiny H60 CLC cooler and Green HDD's. No gaming on the rig, but a mainstream not workstation graphics card.
    Noticing slight discrepancies in your overkill build.

    You might want to fill this out, it will give us the info needed to best help you.
  3. this is the boss mobo that is middle manager =)
  4. Too much wrong to respond further. Either reply with details/usage or labeled as a troll.

    -Wolf sends
  5. im not trolling, im serious.

    Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: in the next month

    Budget Range: £2700

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Rendering, photoshop , video editing,hd video editing,Magix movie editor, videopad , audacity, photoshop, java applications. flash applications, stratugus game engine, code blocks, apache, Vmware osx, bluestacks. most likely at the same time.

    Are you buying a monitor: No

    Parts to Upgrade: New PC

    Do you need to buy OS: No

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: amazon.co.uk

    Location: UK,England,London

    Parts Preferences: amd cpus only

    Overclocking: no

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes

    Your Monitor Resolution:serveral 1920x1080

    Additional Comments: several displays, some touchscreen
  6. Dual opteron 4300 series.
  7. Excellent!

    1) Your motherboard is not compatible with your case. You either need to find a case that will accept your motherboard or a motherboard that is compatible with your case.
    2) As Manofchalk states, you're using gaming graphic cards in a workstation system. Remove them and replace with workstation class graphic cards. Not sure if you can SLI NVidia or Crossfire AMD workstation cards.
    3) Dual processor system. You're going to want dual liquid cooling systems. That means a case that has two 120mm exhaust fans in the locale of the processors.
    4) 64 GB of RAM... meh. As you said, overkill.
    5) I'd definitely be looking into some sort of RAID array for storage. 3x3TB drives in a RAID5 array for ~6TB of storage would be my minimum.

    -Wolf sends
  8. 1.can you recommend one?
    2.what do you mean by workstation class.
    3. i dont understand.
    4.are you saying not enough or too much
    5.raid? what is raid
  9. 1) That's research you can do on your own. Cases will identify what form factor motherboards they can accept (ATX, Micro-ATX, Extended-ATX, etc...)
    2) Workstation class graphic cards like the NVidia Quadro or AMD FirePro are cards built specifically for work applications, not gaming. They use hardware and drivers specifically designed for work applications.
    3) If you have a dual CPU system, why would you only liquid cool one processor? The liquid cooling solution you've chosen should exhaust heat from each CPU via a 120mm fan outlet. Two CPUs means two liquid cooling systems. Two liquid cooling systems means two 120mm fan outlets. You need to find a case that has two 120mm fan outlets (and accepts your motherboard form factor).
    4) I'm saying probably too much, but you're the one saying, "overkill".
    5) RAID is the Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Essentially, it's a safety feature using multiple hard drives to allow for data recovery in the event of a hard drive failure.

    -Wolf sends
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