Looking for the best matching gpu


There are so many GPUs are there, so

it is really confusing when I need to make a choice.

My computer has

m3a78-t mobo

hd 4830 gpu

phenom ii x4 965 be cpu

4g ram

I like to play battlefield 3 1920x1080 with low or middle setting above

60fps. Right now, I am getting between 30~45 fps.

My question is what is the best gpu that my cpu can handle.

I don't think budget will be problem since my cpu isn't good enough to handle

those high quality gpu :pt1cable:

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  1. Whats your budget ?
  2. Thinking about $ 100~150 or higher if it is needed
  3. More important, what is your psu ?

    you could get a 7850 or 7870, since you like amd, and those card will not be bottlenecked with the cpu.
    But you need a decent psu.
  4. Well its a pretty lightweight game... if youre Ok with last gen cards take a peek at them too. 6700 series is ok 6800 series would be way more then enough. But just a thought
  5. the psu is 460 W

    so, gpu will not be affected by cpu performance. That is a good thing.

    hd 4830 vs hd 67xx series, will the result be significant ?
  6. What's the brand or the amps ?

    You could get a 7770 ghz edition for ~100$, much better than the 6770, and obviously much better than the card you have.
    But i recommend for 1080p at least a 7850 1GB or 650 ti
  7. it is coolmaster


    I will need to think about either I am going to get 7770 or 7850 :D

    A quick question

    I heard that geforce is better at playing games compared to radeon

    when they have the same or similar clocks

    is it true?
  8. If you heard that its all bias. The 2 companies have their ups and downs. AMD usually do better on multimonitor while Nvidia is more rounded
  9. That is why there wasn't lagging when I was playing a game while watching a movie

    with two monitors :D
  10. 2 monitors??? on both screens or on 1 lol. hmmm, while youre at it an extra 4 gb of ram wont hurt :P and yah any decent gfx card within 7700 and 7800 will play most games on max or close to max
  11. I have 52 inches tv and a led monitor connected

    My family was enjoying a movie, UP (1080p blue-ray file), at the tv

    While I was playing other some gun shooting games at the led monitor :P

    It seems buying 7770 is reasonable based on Tom's benchmarks

    Should I sell my 4830 or just throw away?...
  12. Its up to you, not exactly an easy sell in general but if you can spend a little time go for it
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