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i am tryingt to sell my comp specs is
still plays games on high graphics till this day
but i want to sell it but dont know how much to sell it for please help

cooler master c90 case
q6600 chip
8g of 1066 ram
1tb hdd
tx850 PSU
zalman 2 ball cpu cooler
asus p5nt deluxe
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  1. Have you overclocked?
    What is the age of the PSU and HDD?
    What is the condition of the case?

    But at a guess, $550 to $600. Though if the case is a bit battered you can knock $20 off, $30 if the PSU is older than say 2yrs.
    Computers aren't like fine wine, they dont value well with age.

    EDIT: If you have overclocked, especially if you'v increased the voltage you can expect another price drop.
  2. the comp and all compents are 3 1/2 years old and i did not overclock but i think of giving it a new hdd and os
    and computer case is in good cond
  3. im thinking you're gonna be looking at somewhere between 350-400 tops, you might be able to make a few bucks more if you part it out.
  4. The processor launched in the first quarter of 2007, so the technology is 6 years old regardless of when it was purchased or put together.

    Anyone interested in purchasing would likely check the release date of the chip.
    For that reason, I would say that $300 is a fair price for your build. (Kind of hard to value it because there are no pictures, however.)
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