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Hi there,

I posted on here a while ago that my home build didn't work. It didn't boot. I was recommended to rebuild the pc and try again, I have done this and I have bought new mother board, new cpu, new ram. It still doesn't work. All fans and all lights work. I carn't hear the bleeps but this is because there is ment to be a speaker thing that wasn't in with my motherboard.

Motherboard:Asrock A55M-HVS, or A75M-HVS, now I have both.
CPU: Athlon x4 2.6ghz or 3ghz.
PSU: Ace 650w
GPU: Asus GT 630
Case: EZ cool gaming case.
Ram: Kingston Hyper x blue 4gb

I think its not the motherboard or cpu or ram as i have replaced them and i get the same prob, its not the the motherboard needs flashing because I carn't even get to the bios. can anyone help?

Many thanks,

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  1. Well your CPU and motherboard are not compatible. The Athlon(s) needs an AM3 socket but your motherboard(s) are socket FM1. So now, I am pretty sure that you have damaged both CPUs. Take them out and check them for bent pins.
  2. Hey, thanks for you reply.

    The socket is FM1 on the cpu and motherborad.
  3. Sorry about that. I was assuming it was an AM3 Athlon. Do you have the 8-pin CPU power connected to the motherboard?
  4. The power supply only has 4 pin and a 6 pin, in the manual it does say that you can use a 4 pin, just use the top half of the 8 pin socket. Which is what im doing.

    The power supply is 6 months old, never used until now.

    I did talk to a friend who thinks its the motherboard. He says they are an infamous motherboard because of the problems they have?
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