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Hello! I have an Asus K53e BBR-14 laptop. It has an Intel I5 processor with HD 3000 integrated graphics. I wan to know if there is any way I can upgrade it with a graphics card of some type. I understand if this is not possible but I have seen external docks for cards. I don't know what kind of slots this motherboards has but I would like to know if this is possible.
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Edit: If this is possible how would it be powered?
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  1. There is no way to install a new graphics card onto the motherboard. I have heard of External graphics solutions, but none that are up for retail right now. I doubt your laptop has a thunderbolt input, so I don't think daisy chaining would be an option either.

    I'll look a little bit more, but it seems you are out of luck.


    Good article to read, but any external solutions require thunderbolt + an enclosure + a discrete graphics card. Even if you had thunderbolt, you are still looking at about a 800-1000 upgrade.
  2. I looked up your laptop on the ASUS website and it does NOT have thunderbolt so its not going to be possible.
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