Planning to run things like BF3 maxxed, which GPU?

Lookings to run BF3, Skyrim, Far Cry 3, etc, max settings.
Running 1 GPU, should i go with EVGA gtx680 2GB SC Signature 2 -
or EVGA gtx680 4GB FTW -
Running a single 24" LED monitor.
Other components:
CPU - intel I7 3770k
MOBO - Asus sabertooth z77
RAM - Corsair Vengence 16GB(2X8GB) ddr3 1600

Recommendations and opinions greatly appreciated.
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  1. I will never need more than 2gb of Vram
  2. my Recommendations:
    gtx 670 over gtx 680 because gtx 680 doesnt worth the extra money
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    If you are everplaning to run 3 monitors then go with the EVGA gtx680 4GB FTW
    Butt if your only going to do 1 or 2 monitors deffinatly go with the EVGA gtx680 2GB SC Signature 2, It cost way less and they both have the same CUDA cores and the GTX 680 SC Signature also has a higher base clock rate. than the GTX660 4GB FTW.

    So go with the first one, EVGA gtx680 2GB SC Signature 2
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