Far cry 3

For some reason my computer cant handle newer games on ultra. Is it my gpu or cpu ?

My current build:
~ CPU : AMD 1090t @ 3.6 ghz ~
~ GPU: MSI 460 1gb GDDR5 ~
~ RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600 ~
~ PSU : thermaltake 650 ~
~Motherboard : A870U3 ~
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  1. Specs please. How can we possibly answer a question without any info at all?

    New games are generally more demanding since hardware is progressing and they can make the graphics better.
  2. I thought I had my specs in my sig, sorry
  3. a 460 gtx will get low fps @1080p ultra in far cry 3.
    Still a decent card for gaming, but if you want to play at ultra settings/maxout(1080p) nowadays you must get at least a 660/660ti.
  4. Sorry but you're a few generations behind (almost three years behind in fact). I'd recommend anything between a 7850, 7870 and 7950, although if your budget does allow it you could get an even better GPU such as a 7970. Your CPU should be fine for any of those cards. One member is running a Phenom ll X6 with a 7990 and he's fine, so don't let other tell you otherwise.

    What is you budget?
  5. A cheaper way to get some fps without taking too much graphical fidelity from the game is to customize the PostFXs a bit. break down the normal "PostFX=Ultra/High/Low etc" to SSAO level, MSAA level, FXAA, Motion Blur, etc. And turn off a bit of those settings and fine tune them to your needs. Personally the SSAO in this game looks rather ugly and I turned it all the way off. Got a nice 10fps boost.

    Well theres that. If you want EVERYTHING on and maxed, then I'd go with their suggestions. That card is a bit behind, but still a great card and if you do a bit of XML/ini tweaks to games you can skip having to pay for another card for a little while longer.

    Hope I helped.

  6. Honestly, money is not an issue. I just want a card that can last me 2-4 years. And what is "XML/ini tweaks" ?
  7. I dont belive you can get a card to last over 2 years assuming the gaming industry goes forward (and it will soon with Unreal Engine 4). It can last 3 years or 4 if you lower your quality in the next years thou.

    For "always ULTRA FULL HD" you need to upgrade every 2 generations moreless. (getting always the revision of the newer technology is my way of upgrading.

    I suggest you get SweetFX from 3dguru if you want to improve your game on lower impact on PC.
  8. If money is no issue then a gtx 690 will ultra you for a few years. No single GPU will ultra past this year.
  9. So, it's not my cpu ? so If i get a 7970 I should playing all new games on 1920x1080 all maxed out ?
  10. Your CPU isn't the best but it's not holding you back at all at the moment. Your GPU is massively underpowered comparitively.

    You will be able to max everything available now but probably not next year.
  11. Yes. Either a GTX 680 or a 7970 will get you the settings you want for another 2 years maybe..
  12. Rockdpm said:
    Yes. Either a GTX 680 or a 7970 will get you the settings you want for another 2 years maybe..

    I doubt it with them struggling at the moment.

    This is before unreal engine 4/updated cry engine 3 and the new consoles making port much prettier hopefully.
  13. Farcry 3 is a big GPU hog. While my GTX590 has no issue with Farcry 3 at 1920x1080 in Ultra it struggles at 15 to 20fps at 5760x1080 on widescreen mode in Very High and Ultra modes. I don't have any other games that do that at that resolution so there is either something extra special about the game, I doubt, or it isn't very efficient.
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