Really beastly computer starts up sometimes need help

hi people i really need help finding out whats wrong with my pc. it has a strange behaviour. i have only had it for a day. i chose the components and asked them to build it. they said they were having failed graphics card issues. but they sent me one that works. now the wierd thing is now and then it boots up but it seems to be quite noisey for a custom build with a case made for dampening.

the new behaviour is this it boots up then after 2 seconds it turns off. then it starts again by itself. whilst nothing is being displayed on my monitor. sometimes after a while everything works but its quiet noisey and im scared to restart because the display wont work. i have the display connected via hdmi from my graphics card. i dont have a vga slot or hdmi on my onboard graphics. ive recently flashed the bios with the new update and installed all of the software and drivers from asus website. im running windows 8. i phoned up someone for help and he suggested to reseat the cpu fan which ive done a few times now. still the same behaviour. ive also found my wireless card to be very weak in signal.
so im a bit stuck there. please help here are my system specs.

Motherboard: x79 sabertooth asus.
ram: 64gb corsair vengance 1600 mhz
graphics card: gigabyte windforce 4gb nvidia geforce 680 overclocked edition.
Cpu: intel 17 3930k 6 core 3.2 ghz 3.8 when turbo.
psu: corsair 850 watt.
firewire card texas chipset
tp link wirless card.
cpu fan = artic cooler.
all the fans that i could have are installed.
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  1. Well call the company where you bought the computer from. SOunds like faulty components .Let them pay for deal with it.
  2. i cant call them on a saturday i just wanna see if i can fix it now
  3. first take the graphic card and plug her in the second pci-e slot and see if system start and monitor receive signal .
  4. the wierd thing is that its worked before. the heatsink on the cpu doesnt get that hot and when i opened the back the place where the cpu is is faily warm. i also got an error on the boot saying cpu temp too hot. it says its at 80c but ive quadriple checked the heat sync on the cpu.
  5. every time you remove the cooler you have to repaste with new paste but with these temp since this is a fresh new buy i would go back to them and ask for a repair or exchange to have respect ther warranty ,you could check your temp wih this this is a cooling you could get
  6. Regardless that being the reason or not, 80c is way way to hot for a stock clock speed,are you sure they didn't overclock it before they sent it out?
  7. i didnt ask for an overclock. so i dont think so.
  8. since the where having graphic card issue and send you a replacement i would not be afraid to get to them and ask for a good working system .
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