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Intel G41 + Asus HD7750 doesn't work


I have a problem, I have motherboard Intel G41 and a graphics card Asus HD7750. When I set the graphics card in the PCI Express slot and power on the PC the graphics card's fan starts at max speed and some beeps but the PC doesn't boot.

Once I achieve that worked but suddenly the graphics card's fan accelerate at max speed and the PC shuts down.

Any ideas about this problem? Please!
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  1. i cant think of anything, the only thing i can think is the PSU maybe?
    or maybe when u put in the GPU u accidently losened some other wire.
    make sure all of them are right. i say disconnect and reconnect them all.
    and does your pc boot if u remove the GPU?
  2. Thanks for reply.

    My PSU is of 500 watts.
    If I remove the graphics card the PC boots normally.
    The card works with the PCI express and doesn't need additional power supply.
  3. maybe a drivers problem, and where are u plugging your monitor?
    read the manual, and do wat it says, maybe it's just something silly
  4. Well, I don't think that the monitor is the problem since the first time I tried to configure the card it worked, but, some days later, the card's fan suddenly accelerated at max speed and the PC shuts down.

    The card worked well with GNU/LInux debian and Windows 7. I afraid if the card is damaged.
  5. well u didn't tell that the card worked for a few days first. :non:
    the card is probably damaged, but if u can test it on someone else's PC that would be another reassurance that the card is dead.
  6. How many beeps? Refer to your motherboard manual to translate it. If it corresponds to something along the lines of GPU not detected... then the GPU is pretty much dead

    Note: GA-G41M-COMBO and 7750 works fine
  7. well of course it does, he said they worked fine for a few days.
    then this happened
  8. Sorry dheeraj9933, I did mention that but in minimized way: "Once I achieve that worked but suddenly the graphics card's fan accelerate at max speed and the PC shuts down. "

    The beep pattern is: 1 beep, pause, eight beeps with very little pause, in my mother board it correspond to: Thermal Trip warning.

    It makes sense since the card's fan start at max speed.

    Any ideas?
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    well pc boots up without the GPU and with a GPU it gives a overheating warning,
    well the card is new so overheating due to dust is very unlikely.
    did u test it in another system, it has very low chances of working but still wont be the worst idea.
  10. It seems that my graphics card is damaged :(.

    Ok, thanks for your replies.
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