Am I missing anything?

So, mine is the quest to build my monster computer system. I've built the tower. I have a 55" moniter. I got a printer with fax & scanner ability. I have the best mouse, keyboard, speakers, subwoofer, microphone headset, & external redundant storage I could get my hands on. Am I missing anything? Is there some neat periferal out there that I haven't thought of? I was rather enjoying myself & as much as I enjoyed building my monster it is almost as sad as it is exhilerating to know that the work is done.
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  1. USB 3.0 blow up doll ;)
  2. Well I can't think of any other device you could possibly need, but how about a little something to pamper your keyboard with?
    Looks pretty cool - and effective! I'd definitely get one to keep my state-of-the-art keyboard clean :) (For my current $10 keyboard I'll just stick to the upside down cleaning method though).
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