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I built a new rig a few months ago ( specs ) : Intel Core i5 3570k, 8gb of patriot black mamba ram 1600mhz, Kingston Hyper x 120gig SSD, Western digital Caviar Black 1tb HD, Asus P8Z77-V Mobo, Corsair TX850m PSU, Asus GTX 670. I am getting sudden freezes when i load a browser some times or ill load a game and go to login and have the computer completely lock up. The only way i can get out of lockup is a cold boot. I have tried reinstalling OS and nothing seems to help. Anyone have any clue where i should start to look for the issue ?
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  1. Check the cpu and gpu temp with something like speedfan and run memtest86. My guess is a bad ram stick.
  2. Second the RAM thought...In my experience, the most common culprit for system boot/crash quirks.
  3. I have ran memtest86 and all sticks of ram passed as well as ran intel burn with 8gb of ram and passed 20 passes. Im guessing that leaves other my PSU or video card for being the issue ? Anyone know how to test a PSU for underload operation ?
  4. I have also tried running Intel burn with 6 gigs of ram ( out of 8 ) and furmark at the same time to try to simulate the fullest load the PSU will take and it runs fine and shuts down fine. It just seems to lock up and the weirdest times like when closing a windows or opening the internet . Any other suggestions to what it might be ? i am pretty sure the PSU is fine as its taken a hour of my cpu and gpu and mem on full load and hasn't had signs of issues.
  5. Just tried updating the bios and still having the same issue. makes me think its other the mobo or my ver of windows 7 maybe . . ?
  6. swap another PSU for testing maybe you AX1200
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