MSI 560ti vs 660ti?

Hi, i currently have a gtx 560ti from MSI. I was curious whether or not upgrading from a 560ti to a 660ti is worth it. I currently am running 2 monitors. My main one is 1920x1080 and my second is only at 1280x1024. I would be mostly using the card for gaming and some editing. Is it worth upgrading? would i get a better overall framerate on games to make it worth my while? or should i consider getting a 670?
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    As for getting the 670 instead? If you can afford it hell yes.
  2. Are you stuck for graphics performance? Do you need more FPS? If yes to both of these questions then maybe it's a good investment.

    Regarding the jump from GTX 560 Ti to 660 Ti:

    Also, something like a GTX 670 or (even better regarding performance) the 7950 which will last you a bit longer.
  3. It's not much i directly need it. Seeing as christmas is going to be here soon, and i usually receive some money i figured it would be a good time to consider upgrading my GPU, for newer games that have come out or will be coming out soon. I know the 670 is 100$ more than the 660ti on average give or take. Plus my case can only hold cards that are under 12 inches if i remember correctly (CM scout is my case)
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