Pc doesn't show display or bios.

So I recently build my first pc and one day I was feeling curious and when my pc booted there was a option that said press F3 for bios unlocking and I didn't know what that was so I pressed it to see what is was and then my pc shut off.And now when I boot my pc the bios screen doesn't even pop up and there isn't any display but all my fans on my pc work and their isn't any beeps as well.Is this a problem with the motherboard or cpu?(btw the motherboard is a Biostar A780L3G and I have a Phenom 965)I know the psu and my graphics card work because i tested that on a other pc.
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  1. have u tried removing the cmos battery?


    that should help. do that and let me know.
  2. Yes I have done that and I have also cleared the cmos by using the jumper as well.I have also tried taking out the cpu and inserting it back in and still no display or beeps.
  3. have u tried removing the ram and than putting it backin?
  4. yes I have and I have also tried booting the pc with 1 stick of ram and switching around the ram in different slots.
  5. have u tried removing the cpu heatsink and reapplying thermalpaste?
  6. I have not done that,I will try that right now and see how it goes.
  7. I don't have a lint free cloth or coffee filters to clean the thermal paste :( Will reapplying thermal paste even fix the problem?Because I don't see how it could.
  8. micro cloth would work, with 100% rubbing alcohol u use on cuts.

    im just thinking of things u can try.
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