New cheap build for mate. Gaming pc.

Hello, looking to build the cheapest PC I can for a mate that would run bf3 at about medium settings, this is what I'm looking at so far..

Motherboard as rock b75m r2. $64
4gig g skill ram add more later $23
CPU intel i3 3220. $120
Gfx card I have a 7750 spare.
A power megaton x2 case
+ 750w psu (sceptical). $33
Ssd $65

He has a hard drive he wants to keep, he knows nothing about computers so no over locking will be done, just looking to turn on and play. Am I missing anything. Price is important but so is the ability for the system to play games at medium settings. How does it look for a massive budget build. Total comes to $287. Pretty decent for the price?
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  1. Get a 500w PSU or 450w from Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.
  2. Awww man, that was a big price saving lol. I figure with the 7750 and i3 it's not gonna be pushing the psu to hard, and it isn't like the system needs to last 5+ yrs so I thought I could cheap out a bit on the psu?
  3. Only if you want to risk the utter annihilation of the entire system due to "saving" ~$20 and getting a poor-quality PSU...
  4. Never cheap out on a PSU. Always get a quality brand. A good quality (Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic) 500w PSU will run an i5 and a 7950 without any issue.

    I would recommend this for you:
  5. What about coolermaster rc 343, is that any better? I know the general rule of thumb is to stay away from case and power supply combo, but I thought coolermaster was ok?
  6. coolermaster is one of the worst PSU companies. They are very unreliable and poor quality. Never get one.
  7. Alright , change of plans, looking at the corsair carbide series 200r for case and
    Antec vp 450p. Anything wrong with the antec? And anything wrong with the rest of the system that I may have missed, all compatible?
  8. no the antec's are very you have an os to go with it?
  9. Yeah, I got win7 ultimate what's the motherboard I have chosen like, ok?
  10. Its good. ASRock makes quality stuff and the BIOS is very user friendly.
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