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Leadek good brand?

So i juz bought a Leadtek 660TI (bcz in my country it is the cheapest)
I saw many negative reviews on older Leadtek cards
So is Leadtek good brand? They hav 2 years warranty in my country
Although it is running on stock fan and pcb it is quite cool
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    I had a look around for you, and it looks like the Leadtek brand is fairly popular for people on a constrained budget.

    People with the newer Leadtek cards like the 660TI seem to be happy with their product, so I wouldn't worry too much about reviews for the older cards. Besides, the cheaper version of a card will always perform a little slower than its more expensive version, but if you are on a tight budget for your GPU then there is no harm (especially if you yourself are happy with the performance you get for what you payed).

    Besides, if anything did go wrong with the card, that's what the warranty is for ;)
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