Balanced/Unbalanced System?

Hey guys, I just have a quick questions. I recently bought a new computer (I was on a budget), and I was wondering what you guys think. I bought:


Video Card:




Ok, now my question is, how balanced/unbalanced is my computer? I wanna use this for games and web surfing. I have 16gb of RAM (I bought one and mobo came with another). I know 16gb is a bit overkill, but I don't mind. :D The highest game i'll be playing is ARMA II/DayZ. Im thinking that the video card should be upgraded so it will be more balanced. What you guys think? Thanks for your opinions and help!

P.S. I have Windows 7 x64 Home Premium :sol:
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  1. The video card will only get you lowest settings in modern games. Go for something 7770 and up.

    The fx-4100 is usually considered to be not very good and most people recommend a 4300 or 6300.
  2. Don't get the 4300 either. For the price difference you should just get the 6300. It is literally a $10 price difference, but a HUGE performance difference.
  3. Well, they are all fairly balanced since they are all at the bottom of the performance scale.

    You might want to up your budget if you want good performance in games, I would classify that machine as a HTPC at best.
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