Seagate vs IBM vs Maxtor vs WD

Thinking on getting a 60gb 7200rpm drive. I considering IBM's 60GXP since I had previously used IBM drives in other computers with great results. Out of all the 60GB HD's out there, which brand/model would you guys recommend.

BTW One of my friends is selling a4 Seagate Baracuda IV and I know he doesn't buy anything that doesn't perform well. He said the only reason he's selling them is because he can't run raid 0+1 with them.
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  1. I would go with a Maxtor drive personally. With the 75GXP problems I don't think IBM's "pixi-dust" is going to get me to buy one of their drives. Seagates joke about their hard drives being too fast for a RAID config is too funny!
  2. western digital has really good drives and great support also a veryy good program call data guard
  3. Check out <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for the perf. data.

    Ask around about the reliability. I still have an IBM 6.4gig drive that works outstanding. I just RMA'd a 75gxp back to them. That's all I have to say about that...

    Anyway, WD and Maxtor are good as far as reliability. I've not really heard anything about the reliability of Seagate, but their high end drives are right up at the top of the perf. charts.
  4. I have good experience with IBM 60GXP.
  5. Me too!

    60GXPs recommended here.

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  6. Yeah I heard about how the 75GXP's where problematic so I would stay away from that model. I hear a lot of good things about the 60GXP's though.

    Yeah that's why my friend is selling his 4 Seagate's, he can't run raid 0+1 with 'em. But I probably won't use raid for awhile.
  7. I have had an IBM 60GXP 60gig as a master for about 7 months now. Quite, reliable, fast and cool.

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  8. Well the IBM is good I have an IBM 60GXP 40GB drive which is very good, but I'd go for the Seagate Barracuda IV they are just as good but way more silent.
  9. Well, if only my Delta cpu fan had one of those fluid bearings, then I would consider the noise factor as a consideration :). The Seagate does look good on paper but I got read some reviews first.
  10. I say go with the Maxtor D740x. If you get one try to get the FDB motor(fluid dynamic bearing). I've got one that's supposed to arive tomorrow. I'll post benchmark results when I put it in.

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  11. yeah, the fdb is nice and all, but i have actually heard that it is just a little quieter.
    and that it doesnt run much cooler.
    and definately doesnt perform any better.
    my d740x with standard bearings is great.
    quiet, fast, and doesnt run hot.


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  12. I'd go for the Seagate for it's speed and reliability and low noise.
  13. I've got a d740x the 40gb FDB version on my desk now... it's goin in tomorrow after school. It's supposed to be very fast and quiet.

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  14. Update: I've eliminated WD's WD800BB just because, so I'm stuck in between IBM's 80GB 120GXP, Seagates 80GB Cuda IV, and Maxtor's 80GB D740X. The Maxtor is cheaper than the both and offers ATA133, Seagates looks to be a well rounded performer, and the I havn't heard that much about the new 120GXP's (I hear it's up to 50% faster than the 75gxp's). Currently I'm using a IBM 14GXP and a Deskstar 8 8.4gb which I have never had a problem with either of them. Unfortunatly the ATA33 specs on those drives are my bottleneck not to mention the size. With all that said, from previous experience with IBM's drives, I wouldn't mind spending the extra moola on the 120GXP.
  15. I've actually never had an IBM drive. I'm about to put in a D740x with the FDB bearings, so i'm viting for the Maxtor.

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