Gtx 690 or gtx 680 4gig sli

Hello everyone
how much better would 2 680's 4 gig sli be than a 690 at 5760x1080.
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  1. The two 678 would be better then a single 690 purely because of the amount of memory you are getting. But another thing would be is to get a 7970 Ghz Edition Crossfire with a whopping 6gb memory.

    Its also the top of the charts,2976.html with a HIS IceQ. But if don't wanna try AMD then stick with a dual 680 also try for a custom brand rather then reference.
  2. The 2 4GB 680's, remember the 690 is marketed as a 4GB card, but it only has 2GB per GPU.
  3. how much better?...if its only slight at 5760 ill stick with the 690
  4. 2GB isn't enough for that resolution.
  5. Go for two non reference 670's this review is with old drivers NV has had updates improved performance since then.
  6. For 1080p the gtx 690, less hassle, more space, and generally better temps. But I would go with sli gigabyte gtx 670 windforce.
    For anything above 1080p SLI gtx 670 4gb, as the 2 gb will probably be short for eyefinity/surround and even in some cases 1440p. But for these resolutions you really should consider AMD.
  7. Watch this video if you cant to decide!
    The guy in the video on the left side will tell you everything you need to know about GTx 690 and GTx 680 and others!
  8. For 5760x1080 you will need all the power you can get 2X GTX 680 4GB without a doubt, if you can afford it there is no reason to not!
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