Will the asus gtx 660 work with my computer?

Windows 7
i3 540 (going to upgrade eventually.)
625w cooler master power supply.
4GB ram
as far as motherboard, i've been told its a DX4840?

Will the ASUS GeForce GTX 660 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E Video Card work with it?

A few friends told me it would, so i ordered it. I hope i totally did just screw my self.

Probably should of consulted you guys before hand. The friends i've talked to though have built their own computers. So i trusted them.
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  1. yea it will work
  2. It will work. Make sure it fits inside your computer case, though.
  3. Should be fine.
  4. Yes it will.

    But jsut to be sure what is that PSU. Cuz it is really important. The other comp's are good !
  5. I think there is no problem with it! It will work fine. You've enough powerfull psu (625W) yust make sure its compatible with motherboard and that's all.

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