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More pc woes... Please help

Hi guys!

I need some good advice desperately. Two days ago I got a new corsair 600tm case and and antec khuler 620.
Excitedly and very carefully, I placed all my components in the new case and attached the cooler, I really took my time and tried to do it properly and neatly. Anyway it looks absolutely stunning, and I was so proud...

Until I plugged it in, it started up into windows, and then I got a bsod. I checked all the plugs in the case and one of the 6pin connectors on my Gpu was not in properly, and it seemed to work fine.

The next (yesterday) morning I tried to switch on the pc and it booted into windows and while all the programs were loading it froze solid. Had to do a hard reset, with the same result. Then it just wouldn't start properly at all, it tried to start over and over a couple of times, and then it would seem like it was on,the fans were spinning etc, but no picture, no bios screen... Tried with onboard graphics and no dice either. I tried resetting the CMOS and unplugging and plugging back in all the plugs, tried a few more times and eventually I got it to boot into windows and it was fine, I played many hours of battlefield 3 and some borderlands 2 too.

I ran core temp, getting nice low temps, did a burn test to check CPU, and passed fine.

My question is WTF is going on!!!! I have had similar problems twice in the past. First time i had the problem where it would start for a second and restart. Forever. Turned out to be the mobo. 6 months later ( last month) it happened again, this time it turned out to be PSU. And now this, bad luck Brian has nothing on me!

I have just got a new psu and mobo over Christmas....

My full specs are:

I5 2500k
2x 4gb corsair ddr3 1600mhz ram
Msi twin frozr iii GTX570
2x 500gb hdd
60gb ocz ssd
ASrock z77 extreme4 (1 month old)
Antec khuler 620 ( 2 days old)
Corsair graphite 600tm (2 days old)
Silver stone 750w 80+ silver (1 month old)

What i want to know is:

Does the fact the I played some pretty stressful game for hours on end mean that my psu, CPU and Gpu are fine?
What could the culprit be here? I have a spare mobo, so I could try that... But the khuler was such a mission to fit, don't feel like going through that again if I don't have to...

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help will be appreciated...
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    is the boot drive plugged in to the exact same SATA port on the mb?
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    is the boot drive plugged in to the exact same SATA port on the mb?

    I think so dude, but I'm not 100% sure... I'll try it in one of the other ports, you think that could be causing issues? Tried switching it on this morning, and 7/10 times its getting into windows but freezing after a few minutes, 1/10 freezes at the windows loading screen, 2/10 times fans just run with no picture
  3. Take the gpu out and boot plugged into the mobo and see what that does.
    Could also reseat the gpu in its slot.

    Next thing would be running memtest or running with only 1 stick of ram at a time (reseat them regardless).
  4. you know what it could be it could be your HDD having issues... I know that when I had to power down my computer completely it would not boot for a little bit and it would be unable to read the windows on the disk... i replaced the HDD and BOOM!!

    one question when you got your new motherboard/CPU you reinstalled windows right
  5. Hmmm, there has been a new development, my brothers pc, which is next to mine, also battled to start up yesterday, (he didn't tell me because he has been playing ps3 all weekend) unplugged everything on his etc and got his started eventually too, his seems to be working fine now, though it did freeze in windows once. So I'm thinking that maybe it was a power surge or something?

    @panic, I didn't re-install windows, however it has been working fine in my old case since I installed the mobo ( about a month ago) one of the times it was battling to start this morning, it did a check disk or something on my c: and came back fine, before freezing and restarting again...

    Will try the Gpu a bit later and let you know how it goes
  6. have dad check the power in the wall outlets. make sure there fine and there no lose wires or grounds. check to se if your using the same power strips or wall outlets. the power strips may be going bad under load. also try moving the pc to another wall outlet to rule out bad power or overloaded room. on the pc start with making sure the new mb bios is up to date and the ssd firmware is too. with the ssd firmware be care full some of them will wipe the drive when it does the updates. uses cpu-z and gpu-z with cpu-z make sure your mb set the ram speed up right. you may have to turn on xmp profile for to work right. with gpu-0z make sure the gpu and the pci-slot running at the right speed. use a hirem boot cd and scan both pc for a virus. run hd tune and check that the hard drive is fine and memtest. also download hardware monitor and watch that the power supply outputs are fine.
  7. Lol, my dad is 75 and in an old age home, I can check the plugs I worked for an electrical wholesaler for 10years :P I'm going to check the power bricks etc, but I have kept them pretty neat and try not to overload them... I did recently check for firmware updates, and it was all good :-/ it was working like clockwork until I put it in the new case...

    @j_e_d I have taken out my Gpu, and connected it up to the onboard and it started into windows after a few tries, then a few seconds later if just flashes all sorts of colors on the screen... Very weird....
  8. I've just realized my mobo has a debug led on it, the numbers dissapear when it loads to windows, but one of the one it hangs at is: "USB initialisation" just FYI
  9. could be two issues. one a bad keyboard or mouse or a bios issues with the mb and usb devices. or one of the usb to much power from the usb chipset at boot causing issue. try unplugging any hubs..printer..speakers..just run with a stock mouse and keyboard and see if anything changes.
  10. Hey guys, I had a tropical cyclone happening and I have been without power for 3 days! Anyway it's finally come on tonight, I have changed the mobo - same problem boots to windows, freezes, tries to start over and over.
    Changed the graphics card - same as above.
    Changed ram - same as above.
    I'm running it barebones with my keyboa,rd, mouse, dvi, and ssd plugged in.
    So the remaining suspects are: CPU, SSD and PSU...

    Besides the psu, can either the ssd or CPU cause this to happen? I am strongly suspecting the psu, but because it is less than a month only, and was working until I put all this in my new case, I have my doubts... These are the only parts I don't have spare...

    I have unplugged my ssd, the pc tries to start, and fails tries again, and fails, and so on... And then there where 2: psu or CPU.... Hmmmm?
  11. I belive the cpu is the problem... His js because jt makes sense the not booting etc etc... And also the freezong... One queation though did you ever have a tine booting(no boot) that the beeps did not come.? Because if you did then you cpu is to blame
  12. I don't have a case speaker so I don't get Any beeps ever.... I found an old power supply that I wasn't sure was working. I have hooked it up and my pc booted up first time, (I'm still bread boarding it with just the ram, ssd & on board graphics) I shut it down and restarted it a couple of times to see if it would still start first time, and I have just run 10 passes of intel burn test with no hassles, it passed with flying colors and a max temp of 60degrees. And it's still on...

    Must have been the power supply right? Is there still a possibility it could still be my CPU.
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  14. Just an update, on above, I swapped back to my original psu, just so I could be certain it was the culprit, but it just worked? It's been working fine for days now! Weird.... But anyway thanks for all your help!
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