Gtx 560 upgrade to ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP

Hi, I have been thinking to upgrade my asus gtx 560 to asus gtx 670or680 DirectCU II TOP. The question may be obvius but it is worth the 450-500€?

Im currently playing BF3, Tera Online, Farcry3 .With my currently GPU I cant run all these games on ULTRA Settings (only high-medium with low MSAA and filters).

With Asus GTX670 DCUII Top will be able to run these games at max settings?

The other question, will the new gpu fit in my motherboard/computer case? I have a Maximus IV Gene-z and Nox Coolbay.

Btw, I run an i7 2600k and 8GB of RAM.

Thanks for all.
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  1. hi, for well the pics i found of your case it looks like has plenty of space (anyway you can check this by yourself) card is about 10-10.5" long, it can be installed on your motherboard since its the same port that your 560 its using, and yeah it will run any of those games on ultra with no problems, just a side note, even when the gtx 670 its a high end card you will find some games where it will struggle most of it because they are not very well optimized for the card, but its only on few cases, so yeah, go for it its worth it.
  2. Your frames per second will double if you upgrade to GTX 670. So if you had 30 frames per second on Battlefield 3, you will get around 60 with GTX 670.

    I doubt GTX 680 is worth it, really, because it's just a bit more powerful than GTX 670 and significantly more expensive.
  3. It's worth it for either card.I would take the cheaper route.Asus 670 DirectCU II TOP is 2% faster then a stock 680 BTW.
  4. Thanks, then I probably take Asus 670 DirectCU II TOP.

    Btw, I heard that TOP version, sometimes crashes when it has been runing for a long time at its max power. Also I heard they already fixed that with some new version update for BIOS.

    Someone who can verify? Thanks again.
  5. 7970, Beats 670 and 680, still as cheap as a 670.
  6. ^
    Pure performance is not the only factor in buying a graphics card.
  7. Kiowa789 said:
    7970, Beats 670 and 680, still as cheap as a 670.
    You mean the 7970GHz does not the 7970.
  8. I upgraded from a GTX 560 to a 670 and it was big jump, as someone else said it was like double in some games, I tried 560 sli with my room mates card and the noise and heat made me just sell my card and go with 670, the sli was still under 1 670
  9. The 670 DirectCU II Top is a biliant card and it'll wipe the floor with your current 560 here is some information about the DirectCu II Top. (Credit to Bigcyco1) [...] II/33.html
    - The DirectCU II Top is the frist GPU to get a 10/10 rating from Techpowerup and it will also be able to max any game to date.
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