AMD FM2 Mini ITX Build: Need to choose CPU Cooler

I am building a mini ITX build for a friend of mine. The objective is to pack some decent power into a small form factor. This machine is going to be used for some light photoshop / GIMP purposes also. Hence horsepower is required. And space is a constraint too!

Here are the cases identified:

1. PC-Q02:

2. PC-Q03:

And here is the processor:

And motherboard:

Problem: According to reviews online, it seems that the clearance for the CPU cooler is only 60mm. So it seems stock cooler will definitely not fit. It requires low profile coolers. and from this forum it seems like even 60 mm high CPU coolers wont fit.

That leaves 45mm as the only choice. And the one used in the build from the forum is the Xigmatech Prateon:

Can some suggest me other low profile CPU coolers? Also will the mother board that I have chosen support the non stock CPU coolers?

Vishnu Rao
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  1. Coolermaster and prolimatech both make very low profile coolers

    you could fit a 12 mm fan
    but check if its compatible with the mb
  2. Thanks. That just bumped the budget too! ;)

    Any more low profile cooler suggestions from the gurus?
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    Noctua NH-L12 should fit into PC-Q03, therwise NH-L9a fits int both of them. It's not the cheapest solution but you won't regret it. Also make sure it's compatible with your mobo at From my experience the Asrock FM2A75M-ITX isn't.
  4. Thanks kotty. After a few days reviewing, I am coming to the conclusion that the number of LP cpu coolers is small and those that are available don't come cheap.
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