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My friend is buying new graphic card because old one yust crashed. He is not a gamer so he doesn't need something powerfull. He's been looking for
ATI radeon HD 5450 1GB which consumes max 19 watts and needs 22 amps.
He's got 300w psu, with 19 amps on 12V rails. He doesn't want to buy new psu because his comp consumes alot less than 300w. he doesn't have powerfull parts in it. So will 19 amps be enough for 22 amp card.

Yust to be sure:

Tnx for all answers! :)
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  1. 7750 should be power efficient and much more powerful than a 5450
  2. The card is not 22 amps, 22 amps for a full system.

    As long as the system fits into that power envelope, you are good to go.


    and Watts = Amps x Volts

    so 19 x 12 = 228 watts. That is not all that bad for a 300 watt power supply.

    For the real kicker..... I have a 300 watt power supply with 22 amps and am running a GTX 650 ti :) Had a 5770 on it for at least a year too. Its all about how much power the rest of the system takes.
  3. you're right. But he don't need that much. He needs it only for some internet surfing and youtube,... thats all. He's yust wondering if will it work?
  4. It will work fine.

    What was the old card anyway?
  5. ATI radeon HD 2350
  6. It Should work, but if possible, tell use the model of the PSU. SOme cheap PSUs are really lower than the specs they state.

    I would be shocked if a PSU could NOT handle the 5450, especially since he is not a gamer, that GPU will probably never run at more than 15% load (when watching blue ray/dvd for example).
  7. have to check for model.
  8. Well the old card took as much power as the new card.

    If the 5450 is anything like the 4350, its gonna max(or near) out when playing(HD) video :), but that is fine.
  9. I have a preference to fanless for lower powered cards just to avoid fan failure in the future(small fans seen to fail more often and are harder to replace).

    Overall price/warranty many be the best thing to look at for you.
  10. tnx for all answers. I've chose HD 5450 club3D because of pasive cooling (no extra power to vent) and bigger memory clock! THANK YOU!
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